How To Choose And Style Your Fall Denim Jacket

If you are looking to shop like a fashion editor, the key to shopping success is to select pieces that will work in your wardrobe for a least three seasons. Today that perfect piece that we will explore for fall is the denim jacket. We looked at how to use the denim jacket to create the perfect spring style, so today we will expand the options that your denim jacket has to include fashion forward fall style.

How to Select and Style Your Denim Jacket with @mfashforward

How to Select and Style Your Denim Jacket with @mfashforward by lesliemccain featuring a jean jacket

The Selection Process

As with any great look that you build, the selection process is one of the most important things to consider as you are creating an amazing look with a denim jacket. The first item to consider during the selection process of your denim jacket is your personal shape. Your shape will help determine the length of the denim jacket that you select. If you have a small bust but wide hips, look for a jacket that falls right at the hip line. It will accentuate your bust and provide the illusion of a fuller figure while at the same time defining your waist. If you are taller, then the key is to look for a longer jacket. Avoid a cropped style because they will cut you in have and look disproportional. If you have a larger bust, then the key to style is to choose a lighter colored jacket that will draw the eye upwards to the face and aware from the bust. Finally, if you are petite it is important that you look for a tailored fit. A tailored look will help define your shape without overwhelming your frame. If you choose a jacket that is too loose then what will happen is that the jacket will add unnecessary volume.

Once a silhouette is chosen, then you are ready to make a color selection. Denim jackets come in a variety of colors which means that you can create almost any look imaginable. My personal preference is a dark denim jacket because a darker wash always make people look slimmer, but any color can be perfect. When it comes to choosing color it about your own personal preference so be creative. The options show here give a little bit on insight into the variations of denim that are on the market today. Just remember though that the more unique the jacket you choose, the more memorable it will be. You will be likely to get more compliments with a unique style, but it may wind up providing less use because of how mwmorable the jacket will be.

The Styling Process

  • avoid two toned denim looks
  • pair your denim jacket will loose fitting pieces like a dress or a khaki dress pant
  • create an edgy look by pairing your denim jacket with a lace piece like a dress or skirt
  • choose an option that will allow you to cuff the sleeve to create a new look
  • try on multiple options before selecting the perfect one…perspective is powerful

This season, denim is definitely in  now more than ever there are an enormous amount to choose from. When it comes to denim this fall. what is your favorite denim look to rock

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