Fall Into Outerwear

Where would your fall wardrobe be without a fashion forward fall outerwear collection? In the first episode of our fall outerwear series, we explored the art of the trench. Today we will continue to build our outerwear wardrobe by exploring the how to behind choosing a stylishjacket for everyday wear.


The most important aspect of selecting the best fall outerwear is to choose a great fit. Outerwear can be bulky and can add volume to your frame if you are not careful. Look for jackets that are tailored at the waist or provide an option to cinch a belt at the waistline. That will help to decrease some of the volume and add shape. Then, consider the length of the jacket. In this example, the jacket sits at my natural waistline which helps elongate my legs. Anything longer than that will actually make me appear shorter.


Outerwear Style with @mfashforward



Choose the fabric of your jacket carefully, because it is something that you will need to live with on a daily basis. Some of the best options are wool and faux leather. Wool is the perfect option if your climate tends to be wetter during the winter because it will perform the best in increment weather.


The final thing to consider when selecting fall outerwear is to find a jacket that will be a reflection of your own personal style. For me the jacket that does that for me is the double-breasted faux fur and leather jacket featured here. I always like to choose a darker colored jacket for everyday wear because it will cover all the little imperfections that may accumulate with daily wear. You can accomplish that with a black jacket, but I think black can sometimes be an overused color, and it is only when you opt for an alternate color that people tend to take notice. This is also a favorite option of mine because the faux fur color actually detaches and creates an entirely different look.

Fall is the time to make your statement with outerwear flair. Achieving that fashion forward look that you desire is simple when you follow these suggested guidelines. Now, its time to fall away.

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