May 19, 2014

May 3, 2014

Long Vacation

I wonder anyone notices that I haven't done any outfit post for more than two months already.  Actually I have been kind of suffering from depression, confusion and feeling lost about my future.  Thinking about many things and wondering what else I wanna achieve in my life. 

Anyway I took a short trip to Malaysia last month before I figure out the answers to all those questions.  Just enjoyed walking around the old style streets in kota kinabalu and drinking teh tarik (malaysian milk tea) is already good enough, with beautiful sky and sea is a bonus.  I think sometimes we just need a break and not to think about anything bothering us.  take it as a long vacation from god and everything will be alright in the end, fingers crossed.

p.s. Im wondering where is my next destination..

April 28, 2014


Here I wanna share some photos from the ballet performance I did last month, if you are following my instagram (@sweetjessc) you might have already seen some of them.  

I started learning ballet when I was a small girl but I didnt keep going.  One day I just realized that I really love dancing and should give it a second shot.  Now I have been doing it for 7 or 8 years amd still feelin I have a lot to catch up for those years I had wasted.  

Its still my passion and kind of my dream to perform on stage. The dance we did is called Paquita, it is a classical ballet piece and this time the show took place in an old theatre which is the world heritage.    I think the venue made the photos even nicer! Hope you like them :)