4 Things to Check Before Purchasing a Leather Jacket

If you don’t have a particularly powerful flavor for gold plated tops or diamond-encrusted panties, a leather jacket will probably be the largest investment you will ever make in your wardrobe. Splash out on a great one, as well as your future grandkids might wind up wearing it. On the other hand, do not begin believing you can go from zero to badass just by throwing lots of cash at the issue. A badly-fitting leather jacket seems silly, however much it cost.

We undertake one of the most tricky sartorial matters around with a record of four things everyone should remember when looking to purchase a leather jacket.

what is your leather jackets style?Pick Your Fashion

A leather jacket is not so much an item of clothing as an expansion of your character. More so than every other garment you have, your option says something about you – so do not go writing checks your style can not cash.

There are six or five principal styles to select from when looking to purchase a leather jacket. An actual basic of dress that is rebel, for many the iconic Schott 613 Perfecto is the sole name you should understand in this class, although a lot of others exist. Check out ASOS, Surface To Acne Air and Givenchy for a wide selection of costs and goods.

For a sportier appearance, the “motocross” (also called the “cafe racer”) coat does away with all unneeded zips, studs and epaulettes for a purposefully streamlined fit that was initially meant to minimize drag while racing at high rates. Its naturally body-hugging cut means this design should actually just be worn over a T shirt or another underlayer that is slender. Diesel make an adequate affordable alternative, while Phillip Plein, Lanvin and Saint Laurent are at the opposite end of the spectrum.

black leather jacket

Similar in shape to the moto, although with a very different history, the classic “bomber” is more prone to be thickly lined (to keep those aviators warm at 10,000 feet), and generally features an elasticated collar, hem and cuffs made from cotton or wool. Assess Anerkjendt, All Saints and Alexandre Mattiusi for examples, along with this headturner from Hood By Air. Meanwhile, the College coat is a popular subversion of this style (seen here in this piece from Beams Plus) that features a wool body and leather sleeves.

Elsewhere, the “fencing” jacket is a slim, form-fitting choice that incorporates a high turtle-neck collar that opens out when unzipped. Rick Owens is the father of the look unless you possess a lot of black, and you shouldn’t attempt it. Eventually, the “exhaustion” jacket (like this one from Belstaff) is the one exception to the rule that leather should never hang lower than your hips, and frequently has a belted waist to prevent looking too boxy.
Under no conditions should you get carried away and attempt anything. This is simply not The Matrix and you will look like a massive tool, no matter what measurement you’re in.

Under no circumstances should you get carried away and attempt anything longer than this. This is not The Matrix and you’ll look like a massive tool, regardless of what dimension you are in.

select the right leather skin for your jacketSelect The Right Skin

Taking the time to pick the right skin for your coat is a choice you’ll thank yourself for every single time you place it on. This critical selection will order everything from appearances to operation, to relaxation and long lasting durability, so it is not a thing you need to take. Having said that, the tanning of leather is a really complicated process and there are many, many aspects to take into account. Here’s a brief breakdown of a number of them:

The first choice is what animal you want your leather to come from. While you might think most leather comes from cows, in actual fact bovine leather (also known as steerhide) is fairly stiff and takes a long time to wear in. As such, it’s often reserved for the more practical end of the market (motorcycle protection etc.) along with similar hides like horse or buffalo. A far softer alternative is calfskin, which is pliable and feels like it’s broken-in almost from the first wear, but is less hardwearing in the long run.

A sound alternative to these is goatskin, which manages to be long-lasting and supple at exactly the same time, as well as highly water repellent. Sheepskin is not heavier than cow or goat and has some similar qualities that are elastic, but is not as demanding. Lambskin is the thinnest, lightest and softest of them all, but is very fine and likely to tear and scratch easily. Your final selection is pigskin, which – despite what some might say – is truly a fine choice if tanned nicely. Soft and pliable, it has a very slight grain that makes it seem smoother than many alternatives, although poor-quality pigskin can not look clearly expensive.

How to choose leather skin

The following thing to think about is the kind of leather. Raw creature hide comes in a variety of thicknesses, determined by the animal it came from, and all these are split into various styles. Simply the top quality hides are appropriate for creating full grain leather and that is represented in its cost. Because of its depth, it’s quite stiff and over time will produce an all-natural patina, developing a particular type of beauty that is exceptional with years.

One step down is top-grain leather, which has the under “split” layer removed, leaving just the outer layer. This is thinner and more flexible than full-grain, and is often coated with colored stains or weatherproofing materials to increase its useful application. As such, it doesn’t develop a patina, meaning a top-grain jacket’s looks will remain broadly the same throughout its lifespan. Most fashion jackets (as opposed to functional jackets) on the market today will be made of top-grain leather.

Corrected grain, meanwhile, is the lowest grade of leather available and is stamped with an artificial pattern to simulate the look of higher grades. It’s unlikely you will find a jacket made from this material, but you certainly shouldn’t buy one if you do. Finally, split grain leather is the underside of the hide (divided from the top-grain), which is then lightly abraded to produce suede.

Leather wooden drum tannery machine

The last thing to consider is the tanning and finishing process applied to the hide. Both main procedures used nowadays are chrome and vegetable tanning (although many more exist), and they could be broadly looked at as synthetic and natural strategies. Chrome tanning – using the chemical chromium sulphate – is really quick, and produces a soft, uniformly coloured leather with strong weatherproof credentials, like this. It appearances notably more manufactured and is, however, awful for the environment. Nappa leather is almost constantly chrome tanned.

Vegetable tanning is the centuries-old practice of treating leather using wood barks and other plant matter, and is what most great quality jackets will choose for. It’s a procedure that is far slower, making it more expensive, but one that’s kinder to the environment and that creates rich, natural appearing hues that’ll hide buffs and scratches well. The important disadvantage of vegetable-tanned leather is its predisposition to stain or discolor somewhat when wet, after the tanning process is finished, although this may be decreased with the inclusion of weatherproofing treatments.

Cool Vintage Leather Jacket

Find A Good Fit

As we mentioned earlier, without a good fit, all that money you poured into good quality leather and a stylish cut is like sticking chrome rims on your grandma’s Volvo. A good jacket should look and feel as effortless as a second skin, so you need a fit that suits your frame. By and large it should sit close to the body, so the general advice is to be sparing with your underlayers and take a size smaller than the one you might normally opt for. After all, this is not a winter coat, and you are not an eskimo.

High-cut armholes are commonplace in good quality pieces and ideally there should be just enough room to move your arms freely without any unsightly bits of loose-hanging leather at the armpit or shoulder. The sleeves, meanwhile, should come down no longer than the wrists, while the rest of the jacket should sit at waist height in all cases but the Fatigue style (as mentioned earlier).

Those with a thinner shape will benefit from a tight or elasticated waistband, as it will accentuate the shoulders and suggest a broader torso. Conversely, the bulkier among you should avoid anything that will stretch around your contours or make you look more round. Go for a straight cut, unless you want to look like a beer-swilling nightclub bouncer.

By following these tips you should avoid most of the major style crimes committed by leather-sporting novices. Just remember: leather is incredibly difficult to tailor or get altered, so you need a good fit from day one. Always try before you buy and don’t ever order online unless you know you can return it.

try leather jacket

Pay Attention To The Finish

Unless you’re stacking serious pocket change, buying a leather jacket is likely to be a major long-term investment, so you’ll want it to last. While it is technically possible to replace things like zips, buttons and buckles if they wear out, doing so is neither cheap nor easy, so save yourself the headache and make sure the hardware is up to scratch before you hand over any green. YKK or RiRi zips are a must – anything less is a con.

Beyond that, be sure to check the quality of the lining. If a jacket is lined with something thin and flimsy, then chances are the leather is cheap and low-grade too. What’s more, if that lining rips, you’re going to have a serious job on your hands to replace it. Check the stitching at the seams both inside and outside for an indication of how many man-hours went into producing it. A good quality jacket will be stitched densely and evenly with strong polyester thread, and should have no loose ends or potential points of weakness to come undone further down the line.

With all this knowledge at your disposal, you should find yourself equipped to make a purchase you will love for decades. Stay tuned for future posts in this series and check out the entire Check Before You Buy archive.

How To Style The Pinstripe

Every great wardrobe contains at least one tailored blazer. Even if you are not a part of the masses that report to corporate America everyday, the tailored blazer is still a must have style essential. The key though is to not get stuck in a rut where you are afraid of variety and standing out. So, today’s lesson is all about a classic pattern that can provide a chic look and as well as a variety of options that expand your wardrobe. Today we are taking a look at how to take a pinstripe blazer and make it work in for every occasion.

Headed to the Office

The pinstripe is a classic print that will serve you for seasons to come, and if you want to add some style and elements of surprise, then stay away from the classic white pinstripe. One of my favorite looks ever was a charcoal blazer that had a pink pinstripe. So the key to rocking the pinstripe as an element of interest is to avoid the classic white on black combination that you see almost everywhere. Instead make bold color choices that will make a statement. For the grey and pink option that I found, I styled it with a black silk ruffled tank and a black trouser to tone down some of the pinstripe. If your office is slightly less conservative you could choose to add a pink heel for some added flair.

How to Style the Pinstripe


How to Style the Pinstripe by lesliemccain featuring a star ring

Your Perfect Date Night Option

The next option featured is your date night option. Pair a blazer with a dark denim jean and an embellished tank that would be appropriate for almost any after 5 setting. The skinny jean could be paired with a killer heel if you want a dressy version or a black patent flat if you are headed out to a more casual setting. During the winter months, rock it with a heeled boot for a sexy option.

Rocking it Before 5

Our daytime option is to pair your pinstripe blazer with a distressed capri and a white dress shirt. This most causal option is appropriate for a light lunch or a shop til you drop marathon. Depending on the time of year pair it with a dressy sandal or comfy flat.

When it comes to crafting the perfect wardrobe, there are certain key pieces that are a must have in your collection. The next time that you hit the strip take a second look at the classic pinstripe option, and give your wardrobe a shakeup with some bold color.

Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite III Jacket Review for Women

These days, most women’s are worried about her looks style furthermore. It is on the grounds that, appearance has an incredible impact on everyone’s vacation and it likewise demonstrates your identity. In this manner, women’s are watchful at whatever point it comes to selecting the best dress. You can pick your most loved clothing from the various things offered in the business. Nonetheless, it’s imperative for women to choose the particular case that suits they appropriately. In the event that there is looking for another Jacket, Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite III Jacket for women’s is certainly one of the excellent Jackets that they must have her closet.

columbia women's mighty lite iii jacket

Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite III Jacket – (See Product Information)

Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite III Jacket for women’s is one of the sultriest jackets. They’ve ended up so renowned basically on the grounds that their plans are extraordinarily engaging and also unique which can give the individual an in vogue appearance. Also, these sorts of clothing types can without much of a stretch keep they agreeable regular while staying aware of her chaotic lifestyle in wintertime.

These Jackets for women are enjoyed by numerous women’s due to their extraordinary adaptability, sturdiness, and solace. These clothing types are so delicate of which they have the capacity take part in any sorts of winter they like unreservedly. Likewise, these types of outfits are additionally light in weight in which they will think that it hard to accept after wear them on. This is on the grounds that, they will scarcely sense the weight of them furthermore they’re so comfortable and agreeable that makes them the ideal outfits to support women through winter.

These Jackets types are so delicate of which you have the capacity take an interest in any sorts of winter women like uninhibitedly. Likewise, these kinds of outfits are additionally light in weight in which they will think that it hard to accept after wear them on. This is on account of, women will scarcely sense the weight of them furthermore they’re so comfortable and agreeable that makes them the ideal outfits to help them through winter.


Columbia Women

  • Satiny ripstop polyester shell is lightweight and sturdy; manufactured protection has a high warmth-to-weight degree and holds its space and warmth actually when sodden.
  • This intelligent coating helps heat maintenance to keep you at home on long day’s wide open to the harsher elements.
  • Sturdy water repellent completion reasons water to dab up and move off, battling off light rain gives and snow.
  • Inner draft fold and delicate button gatekeeper include security and solace.
  • Delicate inner sleeves with thumb loops and draw cord fix seal in warmth.
  • These Jacket has zip hand warmer pockets and an inward zip security pocket.

columbia womens mighty lite iii jacket

Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite III Jacket for women’s are accessible in a few sorts of bewildering styles and you conceivably can without much of a stretch select the one of which concurs with you the best. Considering these sorts of coats are greatly flexible, they won’t have to be worried that these sorts of outfits not able to mix in your closet. The fact of the matter is, they can mostly supplement these outfits with a plain top and denim pants and you would surely have an incredible look. Likewise, various these sorts of Jacket are intended to look delicious and easy simultaneously for you to go to the formal events and cool gathering. There was a period when these arrays are substantially more suitable to women.

The North Face Osito 2 Jacket for Women Review

This is the second one of this type that I have today. When I make a comparison with all the jackets that I have bought in my life. “The North Face Osito 2 Jacket” will always come number one. The make is perfect and if you talk to plus size ladies, it brings them out excellently. It is funny that I do copy dressing code from people who seem to look smart.

north face osito 2 jacket

See Product Details: The North Face Osito2 Jacket (Women’s)

That is how I just ended searching for this jacket. First it was my friend who had it and it would make her look good. She got all sorts of good compliments. This made me uncomfortable while walking together the day she happened to be in her The North Face Osito 2 Jacket. I don’t like people complimenting my friend, I feel as if I don’t deserve to be with her.

I just said no to this and took a road to getting one for myself. The reviews were good, but I took much of my time getting to know much on this jacket. It is like everybody found it great. Around two days after learning of the jacket, I made an order on Store Online, which was attended to within a day.

The color is amazing; the size is exactly mine and the quality very superior. This is the time I ran out of shame. My first The North Face Osito 2 Jacket lasted for one year but decided to hand it over to my younger sister and purchased another one.

It is the weather friendly; you can put it on during cold seasons and warm too. If it happens that you are big bodied, it will add appetite to your figure. I have a very big tummy but you cannot realize that when I am in The North Face Osito 2 Jacket Those who are not used to me think am just well built but if they knew how big my tummy is them they will be shocked.

north face osito 2

I gave it another nickname “tummy hider” as it hides it completely bringing out a very good shape. The cost of The North Face Osito 2 Jacket a bit high but what of its quality. You can wear it for years till need it no more due to monotony. I started with a black then changed to brown which is very smart than the first one.

It took me $200 to get one; this has added some percentage of respect from my husband who thought that he was the only one who can buy me the best. The only thing if done I will be very happy is the reduction of the price. It does not favor the lower class. The rich will remain smarter and what of the poor. It is more customized than the Osito 1. It is additionally a little more, which is one thing I didn’t prefer about the Osito 1.

Somebody posted an audit of this coat expressing that the fabric in the pockets is scratchy. The fabric in the pockets of my coat is so smooth. This is it and I will keep on buying The North Face Osito 2 Jacket till a better brand gets to the market.

Choose A Perfect Denim Jackets For Women

Denim jackets for women, today are not what they used to be before. Denim jackets were made with the very broad back and wide sleeve so you can ride the horse or drive a tractor, as opposed to making a woman look cute. Now, they’re an accessory, a piece you can have in your wardrobe forever.

denim jackets for women

Denim jackets for women can be found in all shapes, styles and colours. You can choose the one that covers your booty or even the extra-short one, which goes just a bit under your breasts. And all the shades and colours of denim jackets you can choose …


Optional Show You: 10 New Ways to Wear Your Denim Jacket
Video from youtube.com – Looking for the perfect piece to finish off your Fall ensemble? Grab the denim jacket on your way out the door. The key here? It’s all in the styling details. Pair your denim topper with all from a bright floral dress to sexy leather pants to the sportiest hooded combo. We have got ten stylish new denim jacket looks to try on this season.

Now, let’s help you choose a perfect denim jacket for your body shape!

  • If you’re petite (short), your denim jacket should be slightly shorter than the usual denim jacket, just above your hips.
  • If you are plus-size (tall), then go for dark wash and the open chest type of the denim jacket. Also, your jacket should be long so that it reaches your hips.
  • If you’ve got hips and a butt aim for darker shades and a jacket with strong, detailed shoulders. This way the shoulders draw the eye upward and balances out hips.
  • If you’re boyish, meaning that you don’t have too many curves, then fake them with waist-defining denim jackets.
  • If you are busty, then go for the good old denim and the motor trend jacket, with a V-neck. A v-neck keeps the chest open while the shoulder detail downplays big busts.

Do you have a tummy? Then best solution for you is to wear black. The dark wash combined with a nipped waist, flared hip, and seaming that creates the structure does wonderful things for apple shapes.


Now you have picked out the jacket, but you are wondering how to wear it. Well, don’t worry. We bring you amazing ideas about how to wear denim jackets for women.

Wear your jacket with other denim. Any insists that denim-on-denim can never be done, but largest people will agree that a denim jacket can look great with ‘denim jeans’ as long as you mix and match colors and washes. If your jacket is white or colored, then any pair of blue jeans will look fine.

Or you can wear your classic blue denim jacket with colored pants. Also you can wear a blue jacket with blue denim jeans, just make sure that the shades are totally different.

Pair your jean jacket with the dress. Nothing is more all-American than pairing the jean jacket with the cute dress.

You can also pair your denim jacket with a non-jean bottom. This includes khaki pants, skirts, shorts and even leggings.

We have given you plenty ideas on what denim jackets for women should you choose and how to wear them. Remember, keep it simple. Wear your jacket with a basic T-shirt or even go for ultra-feminine clothes. There are so many possibilities, it is up to you to choose the one you’d like.