August 18, 2014

no make up

Top - from bkk
American Apparel denim shorts
Birkenstock sandals
Chanel bag

Sometimes I even feel a bit ashamed that I dont know how to do proper make up for myself.  Usually I only put sunscreen and occasionally eyeliner/mascara.  If I have photo shoot for my blog I put some lipstick on.  Thats it haha.  I guess that explain why I always wear sunglasses in my pictures :P

Anyway, I really like this top I got from bangkok.  Not to mention the off-the-shoulder design is my new favorite recently and also love the little details in different pastel colors. Kinda fairy tales feelings.
Im heading to Australia and if you wanna follow my footprints join me on INSTAGRAM!!!

bisou bisou

August 10, 2014

Lets Take A Selfie

H&M Celfie tee
pants from siam square (similar here)

Have any of you tried using selfie stick to take selfies? in cantonese its called 自拍神棍 that you can take a nice selfie with more background and even cannot tell you are taking the picture by yourself.
I bought one recently so that I can take selfies when i travel alone and I brought it with me on my last trip in Thailand.  But I didnt get to use it until I spent a weekend in Phuket with my friend because her phone has a better front camera than mine (and its so important in selfie taking especially when a stick is used) so it let you frame better by looking at the screen and capture your most beautiful smile. are some photos..and I hope you enjoy them! :D

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